Michael L. Piazza

Michael has been writing since his high school days when he and fellow artists/musicians wrote poetry, songs and short stories. In his college composition and literature courses, his teacher Mrs. Lee Mayo recognized Michael's writing talent and encouraged him to pursue a career as an author. Mrs. Mayo had Michael's term paper about his favorite author Eudora Welty published in a friend's college text book. Though he has mainly used his writing skills in his work as an instructor in case development and presentations, writing fiction has been his creative outlet for many years.

Michael writes a three stanza, four verse per stanza poem to his wife Linda everyday that she is at work. The number of poems are now over 300, with more to flow as Linda (as quoted from one of their favorite songs) is "the wind beneath his wings."

The Seventh Code started out as a case study when Michael was a consultant to a major statewide system development in the late '90s. Since then, he expanded and rewrote the story until it became the novel it is today. Michael's greatest love and sharpest skill is his allegory style short story which is displayed in As With Any Angel and Grey Wolfe. Two other allegory stories are currently near completion and will be released soon.

Current Publications

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The Seventh Code is an intriguing suspense thriller revolving around the declining and turbulent circumstances encountered by the MS State Inspector General and longtime auditor Matthew Petricelli. Each day brings new and spiraling challenges as Matt and his assistants chase a swirling case of fraud, corruption and criminal actions.

Matt had returned to his home state of Mississippi several years before, leaving a job in Atlanta to work for his college buddy Jack Leonard who had been elected Governor. After a year as the Governor's Budget Officer, Matt was appointed by Governor Leonard to assume the responsibilities of the newly created Inspector General position. For the first few years in that office, Matt and his staff did a tremendous job at cleaning up some fraud, waste and abuse messes. They were so good at their work, their efforts helped Matt's friend get elected to a second term as governor.

Suddenly, Matt's longest standing auditor and fraud investigator Herb Jinson was showing signs of 'burning out' with a serious waning of his attention to the details of his job. Herb was in charge of a comprehensive and very sensitive computer investigation that was critical to the State's operations, but was not performing in his usual highly professional manner. Matt's Audit Manager, Sandy Burtron, wanted Herb to be replaced immediately by a fresh auditor who would pay attention to the fast moving details of the investigation. With Herb 'asleep at the wheel' the potential fraud could easily be covered up never to be reopened. Sandy pushed to replace Herb immediately, but Matt convinced Sandy to hold out for a few days until he could determine the cause of Herb's lack of attention.

As Matt pursues the situation, Herb goes missing. Matt is hurled into a series of events that uncover a staggering level of fraud, collusion and criminal activities that overwhelms him. After he elicits the help of a former colleague and computer expert, Matt chases the case and its myriad of weird turns 'down the rabbit hole.' His friends seem like enemies, and his enemies appear to be friends. Follow Matt as he investigates the many facets of the case and gets in deeper and deeper at every turn.

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As With Any Angel is an inspirational story that opens on a cold and rainy night at a Wednesday night church pot luck supper. As a homeless man stands in the parking lot, some of the people get anxious that he will come in and try to solicit a hand out or a meal. David Tackett, a former college athelete and stalwart member of the church, takes the lead to confront the man in the parking lot. As he does, Mitsy, the twelve year old grandchild of one of the ladies of the church, comes out and tries to greet the homeless man, but David averts her attempt and takes her back inside. Later, she brings a plate out to the man and encounters a difficult situation.

As the story unfolds, David is visited by an unknown young man who inspires his behavior and helps David to face some issues in his life. After a moving series of events, David and Mitsy share a life changing experience that helps them both to feel safe again, "as safe as they would with any angel."

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Grey Wolfe - A Vision is a magical story of Jake, a successful and aging business man who is spending his last days in a beautiful mountain setting, and the special people who are taking care of him. The story focuses on a blending of visions that Jake experiences as they intertwine with his life.

Jake has a recurring vision of the young and strong Grey Wolfe, a servant to the chief of his Native American tribe. The visions are so real to Jake that he can feel the strength and youth of the young wolf and his adventures with the tribe. An inspirational and heart warming story.