Lawrence W. Paz

Larry is an author, business consultant, educator, and personal coach. He facilitates Writers CircIe in Ocala, Florida for Master the Possibilities, a lifelong learning center. His published works include fiction and non-fiction. Whistler's Dilemma, My Time, My Life, My Work —A memoir, Hairy's Ultimate Adventure-A fictional fantasy, The Internal Auditor as a Business Consultant, Auditing Integrated Control Systems, The Challenge of Auditing Computerized System, and Integrating the Internal Auditor in EDP.

He is currently finishing SOAR Without Limits — A process to turn dreams into reality. His management and consulting assignments in finance, banking, manufacturing, distribution, government, health care, insurance, and service industries provide an expansive business perspective. He has helped individuals and organizations improve their performance. His greatest joy is helping people recognize their talents and use them to tap into opportunities. Larry earned BS and MS degrees in Business Administration with emphasis in accounting, management, and computer science.

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Hairy's Ultimate Adventure is a heartwarming story that will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face, while bringing comfort and hope to all pet lovers who have ever lost a pet. The story helps alleviate your pain of loss and reminds you of the precious memories and pleasures that your own pet brought you. Hairy, a Springer Spaniel, drifts from his earthly life and floats weightlessly across the bands of rainbow light.

Once Hairy lands on Rainbow Bridge, he is greeted by family members who offer to introduce him to his new heavenly home. Rainbow Park is a loving place at the end of a beautiful rainbow where pets that have passed from this life experience the afterlife with others from their same home. They share their stories with each other, awaiting the day when their beloved earthly human friends will join them and take them across the bridge from Rainbow Park to a shared heaven.

Enjoy the lively adventures of Hairy and his siblings: Hunter, the natural leader of the family; Miss Belle, a black Lab and unifying force in the family; Hobo, a dachshund, was quite the wanderer on earth; Sage, a wise cat, plays the role of a tour guide and facilitates the story narrative.

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We all have a predefined time to be on this earth. What lies ahead in this vast universe is yet to be determined. This is my story with its good and challenging times. I have tried to focus on the good times. To dwell on the challenging times puts me in an uncomfortable frame of mind.

Regrets? I have a few. The prime one is my physical distance from our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I live vicariously through them as I witness what choices they have made to move the needle closer to family. My needle tended to the work side of life. This memoir is definitely slanted in that direction. I have lived in over 25 homes during my life.

As I was drafting my story I realized that my memories flowed more easily when I focused on a particular residence. This provided a natural chronology of events. The primary organizational focus is on each of those homes. My son Doug (in my mind I still refer to him as DK) gave me a journal for my 75th birthday and asked me to write my life’s story. Well, it took me a while, but here it is. You may remember some of the events differently than I. Isn’t that life? All of us have our own perspective on events. Here is mine.